Pricing Your Photo Books

Book Price
12" x 12" hard cover, lay flat photo book.
First 5 spreads (10 pages): $200
Each additional spread: $10


Image Prices for the book
Portrait style photos for an event: $20
    Posed portraits in a sports outfit, prom dress or tux, graduation gown, etc.
Candid style photos for an event:
    Pictures taken during an event, not posed.
    Photos from 1 time $20
    Photos from 2 - 3 times $40
    Photos from 4 - 6 times $60
    If we have to travel,
            $1 per mile beyond 20 miles one-way.
When possible, a variety of pictures from several different games or concerts, etc would create a more interesting spread than from only a single game.


Creating the Spreads
Our idea would be to usually create 1 spread for each type of photos we do. Do a spread of portraits for a sport, then a spread of candid shots for that sport, etc. but you can choose something different.

1 spread for each charge above is included for free.
Additional spreads are $20 each.
If we take your Senior Portraits, up to 3 spreads of senior portraits could be included free depending on your puchase level of senior portraits.

Most images in the photo book will be photos we take, but there can be some exceptions. For example if you have Senior Portraits taken by someone else, with their written permission, we can include them in your book along with their name as credit for those photos.
Each spread of photos that are not ours is $25.