So, you would like a collage.....

We can create a collage for you from almost any event you would like. The most common collages are from sports, but they can be from anything; from an awards ceremony to playing in the park, to even simply sleeping if that's what you really want.

Getting the Images
To create a collage, of course the first thing we have to do is get images to choose from. The more events we go to, the more images we'll have to choose from to get the best images possible and the best variety. In the examples in the gallery, both the volleyball and cheerleading collages look much nicer having several games to choose pictures from than they would have if we had only one game to choose from.

Creating the Collage
After we get the images, we start working on creating a collage just for you. We may use a design we have used before or something else may come to mind. Many times, it just depends on what kind of photos we have to work with and how they will look with each other. We will choose the photos that will make the overall collage look the best that it can.

The price we charge includes one print of our most popular size, 16" x 24". You can order as many additional copies of the collage as you like with discounts applying with the more that you purchase. You can also order prints of any of the individual pictures we took to get the photos for your collage.